Création d'espaces photographiques

agrandir l'image

A Art education of the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography under the artistic direction of Claudia Breitschmid in collaboration with the Biel/Bienne regional prison.

In our digital society, in which images are omnipresent and photography has become widespread, there are some places, such as prisons, where images are accessible only within certain limits. The project “Création d’espaces photographiques” [“Creation of Photographic Spaces”] is concerned with using the medium of photography to create links (while also questioning these links) between the space inside a prison and the space of the festival.
The works being presented were made by inmates during a series of workshops that took place at the Biel/Bienne regional prison during the summer of 2013. This project makes visible the spaces, points of view, and perspectives that are little accessible (or are not accessible at all) to the various parties: the inmates, the artists, those facilitating this cultural outreach, and the public. In this way, it makes possible a real reflection about photography as expression and as an artistic medium.