BURNOUT, dès 2010

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Dimitris Michalakis, BURNOUT, dès 2010

This ambiguous title of the long-term photographic project by Dimitris Michalakis is an allusion to the current condition of total economic and emotional exhaustion in his homeland. But the exhibition’s title can also be taken literally. It signifies fires in the streets of Athens. The anger of the Indignados, the destitute demonstrators, who regulary vent their spleen by throwing Molotov cocktails, burning barricades and fighting in the streets. […] The photographer has zoomed in briefly and casually on all of this in his pictures. A lack of emotional detachment and atmospheric intensity are his trademark features. The strained, gloomy and brooding atmospheric accentuates his diagnosis of a society on the edge.


Dimitris Michalakis
(1977, Elefsina, Grèce) vit et travaille à Athènes.
Il étudie à la Focus School of Photography d’Athènes. Son travail est régulièrement publié dans les magazines grecs et internationaux – le Rolling Stones Magazine et Die Zeit notamment. Depuis 2008, les photographies de Dimitris Michalakis font également l’objet d’expositions personnelles (Biennale de Thessalonique, Colemine Gallery, Zurich) et collectives (BursaPhotoFest, LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism).