The September Issue

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For fashion magazines, the most important issue of the year, in terms of pages, readership and revenue, comes out in September. Dorade, an art and photography journal that examines codes of representation (especially in fashion), has been invited by the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography to present its installation, "The September Issue." This sculptural flatplan of an ideal issue casts a new light on the editorial work of Dorade by recombining and accentuating its content, forming a monstrous caricature of a magazine and its customs. The work thus suggests that the importance of the photographic writing that is typical of the format should be reevaluated, and leads the viewer to reflect on the marketing power of these images that aspire to perfection.

The magazine

Dorade, revue galante photographie et formes critiques is a journal of art and criticism launched in 2009 by Dorade Editions and based in Lausanne and Paris. Dorade is conceived as an exhibition space in printed form, where the editors function as curators, commissioning and selecting contemporary and historical works of text and image, and setting up a dialogue among them. There have been five issues so far.


Dorade's Team

Philippe Jarrigeon (1982)
Photographe et directeur artistique, vit à Paris

Sylvain Menétrey (1979)
Auteur, critique et journaliste, vit à Berne

Emmanuel Crivelli (1985)
Graphiste et directeur artistique, vit à Berlin