I would also like to be, 2010

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Jenny Rova, I would also like to be, 2010

Jenny Rova spies on her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend; she follows them on Facebook and downloads pictures that they’ve taken of themselves and of each other. Jenny Rova puts herself into the place of the new girlfriend. She imitates her poses, her expressions, and her outfits, and photographs herself in the same light as in the pictures of the couple; then she cuts out a picture of herself and pastes it onto the original picture, covering up the new girlfriend. In this way, Jenny Rova builds her own dreamworld on top of that of the couple.
Through this process of posing, Jenny Rova briefly becomes once more a part of her former boyfriend’s life, and can imagine what it would be like to be in the new girlfriend’s place.


Jenny Rova 
(1972, Uppsala, Schweden) lebt und arbeitet in Zürich.
Besuchte 1996-1999 die Academy of Preforming Arts in Prag und 2001-2004 die Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. Viele der Werke entstanden zwischen Schweden und der Schweiz. 2009 Ankauf von Mono no aware der Stadt Zürich.