The Other Faces of Morsi, 2012

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Mohamed Ezz, The Other Faces of Morsi, 2012

Tahrir Square, June 24, 2012. Egypt is celebrating the results of the first democratic election in its history. Banners with the image of the elected candidate, Mohamed Morsi, cover the square in the Egytian capital. On one of these, as a result of being pulled in different directions, the face of the president is distorted. Without any deliberate intention on the part of his supporters, his image becomes disproportioned, falsified, and changeable. Mohamed Morsi, the man of many faces.

Tahrir Square, June 30, 2013. One year later, Egypt is divided in two. One part of the population, supported by the army, calls for the president’s resignation. A deadline of July 3 is given for him to resign, but in vain: the Egyptian army overthrows the government of Mohamed Morsi and suspends the constitution. An interim president is named, while the supporters of the deposed president call for yet another coup d’état.


Mohamed Ezz
(1985, Caire, Egypte) vit et travaille au Caire.
Ingénieur de formation et photographe autodidacte, il participe depuis 2005 à plusieurs expositions collectives et individuelles dans divers pays. Lauréat de nombreux prix, Mohamed Ezz remporte notamment le Golden Award de l’Emirates International Photography Competition (2009) et le Sharjah Award for Arab Photo (2011).