Trigger, 2011

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Type A, Trigger, 2011

“Targeting for a safer America” is the slogan of Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., a business based in Minnesota that supplies training targets of all kinds, including those of the Type A collective. These two artists like to test the limits of what is “artistically correct.” The various alarming scenarios that the Type A collective has concocted - from armed hold-ups to zombie attacks - catalogue the risks and fears, both real and fictional, of contemporary America. Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. has played a crucial role in the conception of the series, since they determine the production and distribution of the photographs: the criteria for selection are the wishes of their customers, cultural relevance, and realism (the height of the figures, the choice of weapon, etc.). With 400,000 Type A targets sold so far, the collective pursues its socio-artistic project by investigating not just the American culture of fear, but also who makes art.


Type A
Depuis 1998, Adam Ames (1969, New York) et Andrew Bordwin (1964, Framingham) forment le collectif Type A. Basés à New York, ils s’intéressent aussi bien à la photographie qu’à la vidéo, la performance ou encore la sculpture. Les deux artistes participent à de nombreuses expositions personnelles et collectives à l’Aldrich Museum Of Contemporary Art, au Centrum Beeldende Kunst de Rotterdam et à la Sara Meltzer Gallery notamment. Certaine de leurs œuvres font désormais partie des collections de l’Indianapolis Museum of Art et de l’Addison Gallery of American Art, entre autres.